50 ways to use Practical X Nourishing Body Melt

  1. Use it as a massage balm for tired joints
  2. Use as a foot spa treatment, first soak feet in a hot tub, then exfoliate, massage the melt into your feet and wrap in plastic for a deep treatment
  3. Before heading out to the gym massage the body melt into your feet following up with your socks and gym shoes. The heat from the workout will allow it to absorb more intensely into the skin leaving it so much softer
  4. Before playing outdoor sports apply onto face to protect from windburn
  5. Apply as a shaving cream for your legs to enjoy extra soft smooth pins
  6. Apply onto bites to reduce swelling and soothe itchy skin
  7. Use as an anti aging balm
  8. A great alternative for eye cream if you run out
  9. Use on your teeth for a sparkling smile that is sure to turn heads
  10. Use as a primer before makeup application
  11. Use to soothe and rehydrate the skin after a day out in the sun
  12. Mix the unfragranced body melt with a beautiful essential oil such as lavender or rose for your personal spa like healing and moisturising balm
  13. Use as a backup for beauty products that you run out of
  14. Use it as a lip balm for smooth sexy lips that look and feel amazing
  15. Before colouring your hair dab some along the edges of your hairline to protect your skin from staining
  16. Can be applied onto cuts to prevent scarring
  17. Rub generously into hands and feet before bed and cover it up with gloves and socks for a deep overnight conditioning treatment.
  18. Use to tame frizzy hair
  19. Apply to lips as a natural plumper
  20. An intense nourishing hair treatment when mixed in with your regular conditioner
  21. Can be used on a baby’s bottom to soothe sensitive skin
  22. Use under body shimmer for a stronger hold
  23. Use directly after washing dishes to protect your skin
  24. Massage into pregnant belly to help eliminate stretch marks
  25. Use on roots of fine hair to add volume
  26. Soothe irritated skin such as razor burns by applying a thin layer onto the skin
  27. Apply as a highlighted glow on your cheek bones
  28. Dab some onto your eyelids before applying your eyeshadow for a longer lasting more intense colour
  29. Apply on frostbite for an instant soothing
  30. Use as a face mask for youthful glowing skin
  31. A great way to soothe the rough, peeling and chapped areas around the nose during a cold
  32. Instead of mascara, use the melt as a natural definer for your lashes
  33. Mix with a powdered blush for a vibrant creamy colour
  34. Add some melt into your other moisturising lotions for extra moisturising benefits
  35. Mix with a little bit of blush and use as a gorgeous matte lipstick
  36. Use as a lip primer before applying lipstick for a long lasting colour
  37. Can be used to straighten bangs from stray curls or flyaways around the head
  38. Can speed up healing time if applied onto scars and burns
  39. Apply on points of skin that you apply perfume right before you spray it on for a longer lasting scent
  40. Protect skin from UV rays
  41. Put a few tablespoons into a hot bath for a luxurious hydrating soak
  42. Use as a hair styling cream
  43. Apply to ears and nose to protect from wind burn in cold weather
  44. Use on top of painted nails for an extra shiny appearance
  45. Use to groom your eyebrows
  46. Place a few drops of eucalyptus and rub into chest when you have a cold for extra comfort and as a decongestant
  47. Use as a cuticle cream for strong, healthy and shiny nails
  48. Massage into your feet right before putting on your shoes to protect from blisters.
  49. Use as a moisturising treatment on those drier areas such as your elbows, knees and feet
  50. Use as a base under moisturiser for extra hydration