For us beautiful people, cleansing and shaving is not only a burden but also damaging our skin. Here at Wilde, we are all about that skin care, so here’s some handy hints and tips to keep you looking luminous:

Limit shower time and temperature. Sorry about this, but it’s true that the combination of these two are so bad (but so damn good), but BAD. This is because the hot water removes the essential oils from our skin, particularly the sensitive spots (think above the waist for once, people). For real dramatic effect, we’ll also add that this excessive hot water use can cause broken capillaries and break down of collagen, making you look older faster. Ew.
Use a mild cleanser. Obviously. For next level polish, finish with our Practical x Nourishing Body Melt – Un-Fragranced.
Shave with clean, sharp blades. But protect and lubricate first *wink*.
Once your bathing regime is over, gently pat your skin dry, no towel straddling!
Don’t forget to hydrate, babes! Try our Summer Kit – Oud Wood. It’s GOOD.

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Founder of Wilde Skincare + Flying 10+ Years

After years of flying, I was frustrated by products which simply evaporated while in the air. When you did find ones that maintained hydration, they would be reformulated every couple years and as a result, often no longer work.

With this in mind, I have tried hundreds of products, spoken to countless cabin crew and worked with internationally renowned formulators. Aircraft are one of the driest places known to man, so it was only fitting we develop and test all our products on flight attendants.

Wilde Body Melt, our original organic concentrate, has no water or fillers. This means that it seals the skin, no matter how long your flight is. It’s excellent at preventing hydration levels evaporating from all over your body. Wilde Hand Balm is designed with 20% organic Shea and other essential oils, to nourish and hydrate the hands without being greasy. As we say, our Hand Balm lasts for hours, it doesn’t evaporate in minutes.

When referring to the face, there are 3 vital steps:

1. Hydrate
2. Seal
3. Protect
Firstly you want to apply a water based serum to the face. Serums are designed to sink into the top layers of the dermis and supply the main source of hydration. An oil should not be used as the hydration step.

Then you want to seal the surface of the skin to stop the serum from evaporating. The product needs to be thick enough to seal the skin, a gel or light cream will just evaporate (stay tuned, we are in the midst of creating products for the face to hydrate during flight).

Step 3, protect with SPF 50+. I apply to all skin exposed (face, arms + hands) while flying during the day. SPF 50+ only blocks 1% more than SPF 30+ when referring to UVB rays, (responsible for redding or tanning of the skin). However it’s the UVA rays that penetrate deep into the dermis layer. This is where the 50+ performs higher. UVA rays travel through clouds and windows and are mainly responsible for premature ageing, hyper pigmentation and skin cancers (refer to the Australian Cancer Council for further details).

Wilde Hydra-Mist is great at reactivated hydration in conjunction with your face products. Vegetable glycerin plays the role of a humectant (which pulls the hydration into the skin). The Organic sea kelp calms redness and removes toxins while flying. Orange, cedar wood + peppermint have an uplifting and calming effect. This makes it winner for her and for him, whether you’re flying as a passenger or working as cabin crew.

Lastly. I hydrate the skin from the inside with a bottle of water (600ml) every hour and usually a herbal tea to back it up. I take 1000-2000mg of vitamin C daily to increase collagen production and Spirulina to alkaline + nourish the body. I also made the change from whey to vegan protein powder a couple years ago. I’m not a vegetarian , but this has made a huge difference in my digestion, skin and overall health – highly recommend.


Staying hydrated on a flight is so important. Over my years I’ve picked up some fab tips for feeling light and fresh while flying.

Having a hydrating moisturiser/primer is a must. I use Olay for sensitive skin moisturiser then Mecca matte primer. To control the shine factor I use Bodyography translucent powder.

Now to the most important part, staying hydrated during a long day of flying. A must in the beauty bag is Wilde Hydra Mist (must have). This product is so refreshing. The mist is so delicately fine that it sits perfectly over the top of makeup and provides an instant boost of hydration. 1 to 2 sprays during a 4 hour flight is all you need.

The face isn’t the only part of your body that requires hydration for the rest of the body (especially hands) I use Wilde Hand Balm (oud is my scent of choice) and Wilde Body Melt – Un-Fragranced (if I’m feeling in holiday mode, I choose the Lime & Coconut scent). This is non-oily hydration that needs only one application however they smell so good you will want to put it on again and again.

Happy flying beauties xx


Flying 6 Years

I’ve been a flight attendant for 6 years & can’t survive without being a little Wilde! So I have my secrets (whisper – don’t tell a soul, no one needs to know I’m 35)! My secrets are the very invigorating & refreshing Wilde Hydra-Mist to stay hydrated in the air. This is very important this is where a lot of moisture is lost. Stay hydrated with water as well, at least 1 glass an hour onboard along with Japanese Matcha Tea.

Wilde Performing X Hydrating Hand Balm – Lime & Coconut (make sure you put it on using the backs of your hands). Use this and treat yourself to a little massage, it keeps you looking youthful.

I also love a shower before bed, I lather up with my Wilde Body Melt at night to hydrate and nourish after an exhausting flight. Its concentrated organic ingredients wakes me up to beautiful glowing skin! Finally, I always wear an SPF 50+ to stop signs of ageing.


Skincare Addict + Flying 6 Years

When I was 16 years old, my Grandma bought me an Estée Lauder moisturising face and eye cream. Since then, I’ve been hooked on skincare.

I start my day using Clarins One-Step Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser. This leaves my skin feeling clean, fresh and ready for the day. I then use Estée Lauder’s DayWear Moisturiser and eye gel which are super hydrating. I wear Bobbi Brown’s BB Cream SPF 30+ which gives me just the right amount of coverage I need and protects me from the harsh UV rays of the Australian sun. To set my make up I swear by using Wilde’s Healing X Refreshing Hydra-Mist. This sets my makeup and hydrates my skin throughout the day, even when I’m flying.

In the evening I use The Body Shop’s Camomile Cleansing Butter. This gently removes all my makeup, even waterproof cosmetics. Before I hop into bed, I love using Wilde’s Practical X Nourishing Body Melt – Lime & Coconut. It smells divine and the raw, unrefined Shea and organic cold pressed coconut oil deliver vitamins and antioxidants to my skin leaving it incredibly soft. It also comes in a handy tin which not only looks gorgeous but is so good for travelling.

Once in bed I use Wilde’s Performing X Hydrating Hand Balm – if I can get to it before my husband! Also in the Lime & Coconut scent. True to form, this packaging is also beautiful with a funky bamboo lid! It’s silky smooth and my hands look younger even after one use! Let’s face it, who doesn’t want to keep people guessing their age!


Full time Snapchater + Flying 5+ years

Trying to keep your skin clear and hydrated in the harsh Australian climate can be hard enough. Mix that with constant air conditioning from aircrafts and hotel rooms and it’s a skincare nightmare. My biggest tip would be to drink plenty of water. I try to drink at least 4-6 (600ml) bottles of water per day.

Morning and night I use a Clarisonic Alpha Fit cleansing brush with Biotherm Aquapower cleanser, teamed with Aquapower gel moisturiser. It locks in moisture whilst letting your skin breathe. Throughout the day, I like to keep my face extra hydrated with Wilde Healing x Refreshing Hydra-Mist. Being male, shaving has the biggest impact on my skin, but I find using these products together to be quite soothing.

As a flight attendant, my hands, arms and elbows become extremely dry from constant washing with harsh soaps. This is why Wilde Hand Balm and Wilde Body Melt have become my best friend. Not only are the fragrances amazing, the organic ingredients make your skin feel incredible throughout the day.


Former Mrs Australia + Mother + Flying 13 Years

When I’m not running around after my little people or strutting my stuff on the international stage, I’m flying around in a compressed tube with less humidity than the Nevada Desert. Many of my followers don’t know I’m actually a flight attendant and have been for 13 years. I often get asked how flight attendants remain so flawless and is there actually a salon hidden in the galley with the vino? The key is hydration, hydration, hydration. Here’s a few of my fave travel essentials to get you through.

Combat hydration with plenty of water, 8oz per hour is a good target. I drink room temperature to warm water as I find it’s easy to consume more, it’s better for blood circulation and it’s believed your body absorbs it faster. If able, I add a slice of lemon which contains vitamin C to help improve skin and is also a powerful antioxidant.

Throughout the flight I spray my face with @wildeskincare Wilde Hydra-Mist – it is amazing. Its 100ml and has organic sea kelp, aloe vera and argan oil with a refreshing orange, cedar wood and peppermint scent. They also have a delicious Coconut & Lime Hand Balm and Body Melt to combat the low humidity in the cabin.

I use @frankbody Original Coffee Scrub to exfoliate any dry dead skin, it’s invigorating and makes your skin feel awake and smooth.

Your good old fashioned Lucas’ Papaw Ointment is still my favourite thing for dry lips, I’ll mix in my favourite lipstick when I get in and dab some on my heels.

Having a bath soak with oil or Epsom salts is always a treat. Not only is it a good way for your body to get some extra rehydration through your pores, but it’s a great way to detox radiation and get you ready for a good nights sleep.

@pellelucent is fairly new to the market but I love it. It’s rich, high in antioxidants and oils but doesn’t leave you feeling greasy.

SK-II Facial Treatment Mask is a winner with its rich amino acids, vitamins, minerals and is really quick and easy to use. Your face will feel moisturised, calm and smooth and pores will look smaller and tone more even.

My long locks are my most praised feature, so I look after them by using @nakhair Aromas range with argan oil to wash my hair. I’ll either leave in argan oil or the Nak Aromas Blonde Ends Therapy moisturiser and plait my hair into a bun to keep my hair hydrated.


Marriage Celebrant + Mother + Flying 15+ years

Hydration for a flight attendant is paramount and can be challenging.

My early morning routine consists of cleansing my face, adding a serum followed by an eye cream and moisturiser. My skin is pretty dehydrated and dry so the primer I use is also a serum primer.

Wilde Body Melt is a huge part of my routine too. I use it on my body most days and my face!

In my job, my hands are constantly being washed so I keep a tiny container of Wilde Hand Balm with me at all times so that I can moisturise my hands throughout the day. It is the only moisturiser that is rich enough to keep my hands hydrated.

Then there’s the Wilde Hydra-Mist – I couldn’t get through the day without this. It’s not unusual for me to see a colleague using the same mist; it’s a crew ‘go-to’ for our hydration fix on board.

My evening routine consists of removing my makeup and cleansing, followed by a serum. Then I love to lather my face with the Wilde Body Melt. It’s just so rich and gorgeous and there are no ‘nasties’.

Once a week I use an exfoliator and/or a mask (I’m yet to find one that I’m in love with).


Fashion blogger (Lysana-Fashion) + Flying 13 Years

“Be a flight attendant they said. It will be fun, they said.”

In all fairness, being a flight attendant has definitely been a wonderful job and experience I have enjoyed for the last 13 years… The only downside, the drying effects on my skin!

I have perfected my routine over the years and have the best tips and tricks for staying hydrated, arriving at my destination refreshed (rather than resembling some sort of dehydrated superfood).

1. Drink water and loads of it. It’s the simplest of things to do when flying to combat the drying effects of the cabin, whether flying short or long haul.

2. Stay away from alcohol. Have a glass of wine with your meal/snack, but otherwise keep the drinks to a minimum, the aircraft is not an inner city bar, lol.

3. Moisturise, slather on your most moisturising body cream before you jump on the aircraft. While you’re flying, keep it up with some hand cream or face spritz. I use the Wilde Performing x Hydrating Hand Balm – Oud Wood and the Wilde Hydra-Mist. I haven’t found anything that works better than these little superstars!

Remember to relax and take some time to yourself on board. Also, refrain from being over zealous with your call bell… I believe that is the most important tip for flying there is!


Flying 8 years

Keeping on top of your skin care regime can be quite difficult sometimes, especially being a flight attendant. With the constant air conditioning and climate changes it really does throw some challenges at Maigret’s Night at the Crossroads 2017 streaming

Firstly, find a skin care range & regime that fits you. Everyone is different.

I use Skinstitut Gentle Cleanser morning and night. I team it with Even Blend Serum & the 100% Vitamin C. After this has dried I put on the Daily Moisturiser. I find it so soft on my skin.

This last step is important… SUNSCREEN! I cannot stress this enough. We have such harsh sun so it’s very important that you look after it. I personally use SPF 50+.

I’m constantly fake tanning as I try to stay away from sun tanning. As most of you would know, it can be very drying on your skin. After exfoliating the night before tanning (and throughout your tan), I couldn’t recommend a better hydrating moisturiser than Wilde Practical x Nourishing Body Melt. It’s so soft on your skin, it literally drinks in all of its goodness. The Un-Scented is my personal favourite, but the Lime & Coconut smells like a refreshing summer drink.

At work, my hands are constantly touching alcohol wipes for cleaning surfaces and consistently washed in harsh hand wash. I keep my hands hydrated by moisturising them with the Wilde Hand Balm. I even use this as my body moisturiser on trips if I leave my Body Melt at home.

Last but not least, drink plenty of water. I try to drink at least 3.5/4 litres a day when I’m flying. It’s so important & your skin will thank you for it.

Once again, the Australian summer has arrived. And once again, we suffer the annual agonising conflict between good skin care versus attaining a culturally acceptable shade of tan. Unfortunately we are not here to reinforce the latter. Instead, Wilde’s Summer Kit – Lime & Coconut is here to entice you to make the right choice. You’re welcome.

Comprised of our two favourites; Practical x Nourishing Body Melt and Performing x Hydrating Hand Balm, you can glow your way through to Autumn feeling and smelling ace. Our Body Melt is simply two ingredients; raw organic shea butter and cold pressed coconut oil. And feel free to carry the Hand Balm around for cheeky touch ups (and also for actual hand hydration – get your head out of the gutter). To top it off, these beauties are lovingly wrapped in a gorgeous gift pack.

Now, because we are responsible and we really do adore your skin, we also want to give you some sound advice on skin care for summer:

  • We all know that sun exposure is bad. Wrinkles, age spots and the big C. You don’t want it. SPF50+ always and every day. No excuses.
  • Protective clothing, please. When used in conjunction with sunscreen, you avoid tacky tan lines too, bonus!
  • Hats, hats, hats.
  • Find shade and sit there.

Don your favourite shades and pour yourself a Pimms, summer is here!

Today we are bombarded with confusing concoctions and irregular ingredients that promise us the complexion of angels. The more weird, the more wondrous. For us to achieve the best skin, we need to buy the latest (and most expensive) products.

We’ve all heard the story, broken promises and hearts. Beauty products never seem to do what they say they will. They’re dishonest. Time and time again we are drawn into clever advertising schemes which make us lust after the latest must-have look. Only to reawaken and realise we have been fooled yet again.

So here’s the truth, our products are tested in one of the world’s extreme environments; airplanes. All of Wilde’s skincare products are developed and tested on Australian cabin crew. We believe that if we can create a product that performs and hydrates in the air, they will do wonders on the ground.

Wouldn’t it be easier if this small (but important) aspect of our lives involved a handful of Australian made, natural skin care? Our beauty regime at Wilde is literally just that.

Healing x Refreshing Hydra-Mist


Practical x Nourishing Body Melt

We hear you, boys and girls. The Hydra-Mist can be spritzed throughout your busy day as required. Our hot sun and air conditioners are to blame for dry and damaged skin. Why not stimulate with organic sea kelp, soothe with aloe vera and heal with argan oil?

As for the Body Melt, this is Wilde’s prodigy. Two ingredients; raw organic shea butter and cold pressed coconut oil. You do the math.

Told you it was simple.