Skin Protection, the Wilde Way

Once again, the Australian summer has arrived. And once again, we suffer the annual agonising conflict between good skin care versus attaining a culturally acceptable shade of tan. Unfortunately we are not here to reinforce the latter. Instead, Wilde’s Summer Kit – Lime & Coconut is here to entice you to make the right choice. You’re welcome.

Comprised of our two favourites; Practical x Nourishing Body Melt and Performing x HydratingHand Balm, you can glow your way through to Autumn feeling and smelling ace. Our Body Melt is simply two ingredients; raw organic shea butter and cold pressed coconut oil. And feel free to carry the Hand Balm around for cheeky touch ups (and also for actual hand hydration – get your head out of the gutter). To top it off, these beauties are lovingly wrapped in a gorgeous gift pack.

Now, because we are responsible and we really do adore your skin, we also want to give you some sound advice on skin care for summer:

We all know that sun exposure is bad. Wrinkles, age spots and the big C. You don’t want it. SPF50+ always and every day. No excuses.
Protective clothing, please. When used in conjunction with sunscreen, you avoid tacky tan lines too, bonus!
Hats, hats, hats.
Find shade and sit there.
Don your favourite shades and pour yourself a Pimms, summer is here!