the Wilde Organics hand treatment

Let’s face it, we all use our hands in one way or another, over time and compounded by age, we lose collagen, making our hands dry and dull.

Give your hands back the soft, glowing, nutrient rich feel that winds back the clock, by giving yourself the Wilde Organics hand treatment, all you need is:

Wilde’s phenomenal Performing X Hydrating Hand Balm – (There are two to choose from Lime and Coconut or Oud Wood.)

A Hand Buffer scrub

Cotton Gloves

– Start with the Hand Buffer scrub on your dry skin and brush away the dead skin cells until till your hands feel smooth to the touch.

– Wash the dry skin off then dab your hands dry.

– Next apply the Wilde Performing X Hydrating Hand Balm , ensuring you moisturise in between your fingers and under your nails.

– Finally slip on your soft cotton gloves.

– The following morning remove the gloves to reveal the soft and recovered hands.

Make sure to drink lots of water to keep your skin hydrated on the inside and continue to moisturise your hands with the Performing X Hydrating Hand Balm every day.