You’ll never guess these secrets

Keep Your Hands away from Your Face

Supermodel, Linda Evangelista, famously stated in the 90’s that she never touches her face throughout the day. Your hands touch so many unsanitary surfaces; they are a source of dirt and germs. When you rub your eyes, touch your chin, cup your cheek, you are transferred all these germs from your hands to your face.

Take Multivitamins every day

Nutrients are vital to healthy skin, including vitamins C, A and B. The best source to get all your vitamins is to eat healthily, as well as taking a supplement. Its currently recommended to include daily doses of Vitamin C, probiotics, greens such as organic Spirulina and quality omega 3 fish oils.

Choose your skincare carefully

Keep your products simple, especially if you have sensitive skin. Look for products that keep the natural barriers to the skin and support hydration. Current research stands at recommending wearing an SPF 50+ every day. SPF 50+ may only block 1% more than SPF 30+ when referring to UVB rays, (responsible for ridding or tanning of the skin). However it’s the UVA rays that penetrate deep into the dermis layer. This is where the 50+ performs higher to obtain rating given by governing bodies. UVA rays travel through clouds and windows and are mainly responsible for premature ageing, hyper pigmentation and skin cancers (refer to the Australian Cancer Council for further details).

Keep up with your diet and exercise

It is true you are what you eat, but it really is possible to eat and exercise your way to healthy skin. Make sure you’re getting plenty of foods with antioxidants. For nutritional advice, always seek information form qualified professional such as Nutritionist. Don’t forget to do your workouts. Exercise increases blood flow, this is very good for your skin. A good sweat will remove skin toxins from your body and give you a great youthful glow.

Watch out for fads

There are many popular products out there. They are fun and seen as cool, but not clinically proven, your focus should not be on what is the latest and greatest, but on what works. Don’t rush to be the first to try it, wait until it has been proven.